Project Description

Client:   Private
Location:   Bozeman, MT
Square Footage: 4,000 ft2

The Challenges

The two old buildings that we refurbished on that property were quite a challenge really. To begin with, they were both built in the late 1800’s. We were not exactly sure of the date, I wish we could find out.  It was very important to the client that as many of the original materials be reused and or repurposed as possible. The buildings were also built on foundations of rock that was taken from the hillside across the creek. The original footprints of the buildings could not change according to the county, so we had to elevate both buildings, excavate, and pour new foundations to support the buildings. Then we could set the buildings down and start the rehab process. We had to replace a siding board here and there but for the most part, all of the walls are original and have become the interior finish of the buildings. A new skeleton frame was placed on the exterior of the original buildings and then the buildings could be insulated to modern standards while preserving the historic integrity of the original structure.